Jasper Showroom

8525 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone: 310.315.3028 Fax: 310.289.1347


The Jasper Showroom offers the complete Jasper collection of furniture, fabrics and accessories, as well as collections from Michael’s favorite artisans. Together they are all part of the Michael S Smith vocabulary, offering an unprecedented assortment of resources to the design trade.

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With an innovative and unique approach to traditional design, Aesthetic seamlessly integrates stylistic elements with the conventions of modern furnishings, creating a line rich in reference and fresh in execution.

Developed by Richard Johnson and hand crafted in California, Aesthetic offers a collection of furniture, lighting and accessories, superior in quality and timeless in style.

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Antoinette Poisson

Antoinette Poisson's collection is made of the most appealing historic patterns, re-colored, reimagined and hand painted for today's interiors.

In May 2015, Architectural Digest wrote: "Brightly colored and boldly patterned, the hand printed papers made by the French team are as enchanting as the 18th-century examples that inspired them". Stop by the Jasper Showroom to see their inspiring palette and patterns.

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Atelier Stefan Leo

Atelier Stefan Leo has been building up a reputation for its unique interior objects.

Whether a table, a sideboard or a lamp, the diversity of their craftmanship, the knowledge of rare skills and the vast variety of materials being used make each piece something very special.

The objects of Atelier Stefan Leo and their designers Stefan Leo and Hans-J. Pahl reflect the love for timeless lines and the playful approach to accept no limitations when merging the particular skills of its highly passionate team of craftsmen and -woman.

Their work is shown in galleries worldwide as well being highly valued by project partners for creating bespoken objects that meet their specifications.

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Beauvais was founded in 1990 as a gallery dedicated to offering carpets and textiles of historical merit and outstanding decorative appeal. Exploiting their extensive knowledge and appreciation of antique weaving, Beauvais has created a range of new carpets—be it a reproduction of an historical model or an inspired contemporary design—that capture the magical confluence of pattern, color and texture experienced in the best carpets of the past. Each piece is hand-woven in their own proprietary workshops using superlative materials and a focused attention to craftsmanship, resulting in carpets of true character and beauty with the aim of creating a new interpretation of the carpet arts for the 21st century.

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Benedikt Bolza for Reschio

The B.B. for Reschio range is designed by Benedikt Bolza, managing director and chief architect at Castello di Reschio, his family’s estate in Italy.

Entirely hand-made in Italy from the concept of the piece down to the silk buttons on the upholstery, Benedikt draws inspiration from local history and functional needs as well as local resources and antiques found on the estate. The artisan craftsmen skilled in traditional methods and customs, craft each piece individually with the highest attention to detail characteristic of Reschio’ s exceptional style to create distinctive, elegant yet contemporary works of art for everyday use.

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Bielecky Brothers

Bielecky Brothers Inc. of New York, produces the world's finest handcrafted wicker, cane and rattan furniture. Bielecky Brothers furniture is prized by designers and their discerning clientele across the United States and around the world. The company has been owned and managed by members of the Bielecky family since 1900. This rich tradition is apparent in each piece Bielecky Brothers, Inc. produces. The painstaking detail results in furniture of heirloom quality. Pieces that will be enjoyed for generations. Each piece of Bielecky Brothers furniture is a work of art.

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Bujosa is a family textile company founded in 1949, producing the typical ikat fabrics from Mallorca, all colours are hand-dyed, using natural fibers such as cotton and linen. The destination of Bujosa fabrics is mainly interior decoration, curtains, upholstery, bedcovers, etc. Any design could be reproduced in any colour.

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CL Sterling & Son

CL Sterling & Son was established in 2001 to produce a range of light fixtures available to architects and interior designers. All of the products are conceptualized by Peter Carlson, and are handmade of solid brass at a family-owned factory in Portugal. CL Sterling & Son also works closely with clients to manufacture custom fixtures to specifically suit their needs. Timeless design and elegant simplicity are hallmarks of CL Sterling & Son.

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Collier Webb

Collier Webb is a collaboration between designer Andrew Webb and artisan Geoff Collier. The Collier family have been involved in important restoration and heritage projects for the last forty years; Andrew trained at Sotheby’s on Bond Street and London’s Pimlico Rd before establishing his own business and product range. Andrew and Geoff’s partnership combines a broad design aesthetic with the finest craftsmanship to produce the highest quality metalwork and lighting.

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D. Bryant Archie

D. Bryant Archie is a New York based textile studio combining artistic, intelligent design with ancient handcraft. We work with global artisans to create handmade home textiles and accessories. Our goal is to improve peoples’ lives and ensure handcrafts thrive.

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Decors Barbares

Nathalie Farman-Farma’s much-acclaimed line of romantic textiles was initially inspired by the bold layering of Russian and Persian patterns in her home.  Unable to find the fabrics she longed for, Farman-Farma developed the line to blend in seamlessly with her collection of antique textiles.  The references for her designs range wide from exuberant Ballets Russes sets and costumes to watercolors of elegant nineteenth-century interiors.  The manufacturing process strives equally for historical accuracy in feel and color: made only of natural fibers, the fabrics are all hand-printed in France according to the highest artisanal tradition. 

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Elizabeth Dow

Elizabeth Dow’s cutting edge and intuitive color sense, inspired both by the natural landscape and the urban environment, translates into sophisticated wallcoverings and fabrics that challenge the aesthetic standard. She has made proprietary technological breakthroughs – new papers, paints, materials, color combinations, fibers, textures, and her own secret formula for glue – changing the industry and the style of work for interior designers and other manufacturers.

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Guy Goodfellow

Guy Goodfellow has been long been recognized as one of the UK’s leading interior designers, with a discreet blend of sophistication, elegance, comfort and English classicism. Guy’s unique collection of fine fabrics and wallpapers was launched in 2008, drawing upon the expertise of Creative Director Jaine McCormack who brought more than 30 years’ experience of fabric design to the partnership. Sources and inspiration for the collection are derived from antique finds, reimagined design classics, and commissioned work from new designers. The Guy Goodfellow Collection is produced by specialist weavers and printers in the United Kingdom, and hand embroiderers in India.

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Hartmann&Forbes exists to inspire and delight Interior Designers and their clients by handcrafting natural home furnishings of distinction. We do this with innovative designs, uncompromising quality and exceptional delivery and service.

Our award-winning windowcoverings, wallcoverings and textiles are made of renewable natural materials that are sustainably cultivated and harvested. Each is custom finished to Interior Designers’ precise specifications in our Oregon finishing facility.

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Haskell Antiques

Haskell Antiques was a success from the beginning with much of the inventory coming from local Santa Barbara collections and estates. They specialize in 16th-18th Century Spanish, Italian, Spanish Colonial, Mexican and European Antiques, with a line of reproduction furniture and lighting has quickly become one of the top sources for design professionals.

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Interiors by J.C. Landa

At Interiors by J.C. Landa, we offer fine products and custom designs for residential and commercial window treatments to transform your home or business. Our creative directors, Joseph C. Landa & his Sons, Joseph J.R. and Daniel, offer impressive service and incredible attention to detail for adding lavish beauty to every project. Over a career spanning more than 50 years, our work can be found in a large number of prestigious residential and commercial properties in the United States and internationally, including the White House.

In addition to window treatments and custom curtain hardware, we offer quality products and services that include fabric wrapped walls using quality wall fabric, furniture upholstery, and furniture installation of residential and commercial furniture. We produce custom bedding to create a comfortable and lavish space with bedspreads, pillow shams, dust skirts, canopies, tented ceilings, and more.

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Irving and Morrison

Carolina Irving and Penny Morrison, both internationally renowned interior and fabric designers in their own right, have teamed up to create this exclusive new range of furnishings and accessories for the home.

The collection includes beautiful lampshades, ottomans and cushions using one-off fabrics gathered from around the world, and an eclectic selection of lamps and mirrors.

You will also find a range of Rugs – large antique striped kelims in faded colours, new kelims and hemp and jute rugs which can be ordered in any size, together with a large selection of fabrics and a collection of hand-painted ceramics.

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Jamb Limited

Jamb has a worldwide reputation for dealing in superior quality antique fireplaces. With our many years of experience, we produce an unparalleled collection of reproductions; marble and stone chimneypieces, fire grates, lighting, garden ornaments and furniture. Our reproduction fireplaces are made by highly skilled craftsmen who use traditional 18th and 19th century techniques and we source the finest antique statuary marble and stone to produce a beautifully authentic appearance. We also offer a bespoke service to architects, designers and interior decorators. Individual orders and special commissions can be undertaken, in addition to practical advice from our own expert draughtsmen, planners and technicians.

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James Duncan

We call our design philosophy “a well traveled aesthetic” or “disciplined eclecticism.” It not only reflects our personal biographies having lived in asia, africa, and europe, but we believe that all truly interesting houses are a harmonious fusion of various times and places. designs must be thoughtfully composed, but should not look as if they came straight off a showroom floor. Our line has been described as "schizophrenic chic.” We make furniture and objects that are exciting, but do not follow a single design direction. We make what we like and we like a variety of styles, and believe that one could furnish an entire project with our designs and it would not be obvious that the objects came from a single source.

Jasper Furniture & Fabrics

A reverence for the past viewed through a modern eye. Furniture, fabric and accessories crafted by the world’s finest artisans. Inspired by Michael’s personal archive of historic designs and reflecting his vision that everyone should live with beautiful things.

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Jed Johnson Home

Jed Johnson Home is a natural outgrowth of the renowned interior design firm Jed Johnson Associates. The luxury textiles, furniture and decorative accessories it offers, once obtainable as couture creations for private clients only, are now available to the public though architects and interior design professionals. The hallmark of the collection is enduring quality. From the finely woven silks and textures, to the hand-printed and embroidered linen-cotton blends, the emphasis is always on the design integrity expressed by the skilled hands of respected artists, printers and weavers. The timeless designs transcend stylistic categorization and evoke the mood of restrained opulence.

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JF Chen

JF Chen offers furniture and decorative arts from eclectic period pieces to masterworks of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. JF Chen’s 30,000 + square foot galleries and showrooms house collections of museum quality furniture, lighting, accessories and art. Always ahead of the trends, Chen has the eye and intellectual rigor of a curator, and his passion and appreciation for fine design have made him a source of inspiration for collectors, decorators, museums, and others in the design and creative industries.

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John Rosselli & Associates

Fifty years ago John Rosselli opened his first shop in New York City and it immediately became a destination for everyone in the world of design. His name now represents affordable antiques with decorative, even whimsical sense, and his aesthetic based on favorite pieces extends that style to distinctive rooms.

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Julian Chichester

Julian Chichester has been on the leading edge of the UK and US furniture industry for almost 25 years with a collection that incorporates contemporary elements and innovative finishes with classic forms. 

Whether customizing an existing design to suit individual needs or working with clients who require a completely bespoke model – Julian Chichester relishes achieving innovative results. 

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Kathryn Ireland

British-born, interior designer Kathryn M. Ireland is a true citizen of the world. From her legendary “sympathetic restorations” of landmark architectural houses and hotels to extraordinary homes for the Hollywood elite, the Million Dollar Decorator star brings the best attributes of grand European style and cool California chic to every project. A diehard fan of bold color, the layering of pattern and texture, and the beauty of imperfection, Ireland’s interiors convey an easy elegant vibe that is worldly and chic without trying. With a career spanning more than two decades, Kathryn continues to work with the Hollywood elite, from Steve Martin to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Drew Barrymore to name a few. Kathryn has also become a major force in product manufacturing and has dedicated herself to producing her bespoke textile collections, weave collections, and upholstered goods all locally in the US.

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Keith Fritz

Keith Fritz and his cadre of artisans offer a luxurious collection of  handcrafted bespoke furniture. Their pieces provide a clean, elegant aesthetic based on the best of 18th, 19th, and early 20th century furniture design. Custom dining tables and casegoods are their mainstay, but the collections also comprise an impressive selection of consoles, desks, occasional pieces and casegoods as well as luxurious mirrors. Each piece is studio made in Southern Indiana, and 100% American made.

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Madeaux by Richard Smith

Every year Richard Smith creates several collections for editors world-wide. For his own fabrics, Madeaux by Richard Smith, Richard concentrates on a look of under-stated luxury. All of the designs are taken from Richard’s original art-work and many are hand-printed on a variety of exclusive, textured grounds. For example, hand-woven silk noile with a beautiful drape, or a linen and cotton herringbone perfect for upholstery as well as for curtains. This hand crafted, artisanal line is united through a restrained and sophisticated colour palette, and sits perfectly at Michael Smith’s new Jasper showroom.

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Matthews & Parker

Matthews & Parker is a producer of "bench made to specification" furniture for Interior Designers and Architects. Each piece that we produce is treated as a commission.  Our Artisans and craftsmen coordinate their respective disciplines to produce pieces of extraordinary quality and beauty.  All of our work is done in the New York area. We offer a wide range of finish programs and make every effort to accommodate special requirements.

Our style is mid twentieth century French and American with an accent on metalwork.   We are currently working with the finest Bronze foundry in the United States to develop several cast bronze models.  In addition to our current line we do take a limited number of commissions to reproduce classic twentieth century pieces as well as original designs submitted by designers.

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McLain Wiesand

Baltimore, Maryland based McLain Wiesand compares their work to that of the great artisans of the 18th and 19th centuries. Their multitalented team of craftsmen are adept in many areas of the industry, ranging from designing, building, stained finishes, painted finishes, murals, sculpture, and mixed media. These skills can be applied to either wood or metal furnishings. McLain Wiesand brings an artist's eye, a scholar's curiosity, and a collector's fervor to the tradition of creating decorative furnishings.

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Namay Samay

Namay Samay is a London-based fabric house specialising in handwoven textiles. Founded in 2010 and drawing on family weaving tradition, fabrics of subtlety and warmth are created by skilled artisans in Bhutan and India. The collection comprises plain and patterned fabrics made of silks and cottons, and hand-embroidered trims.

Namay Samay is a superlative in the Bhutanese language, literally meaning
"beyond sky and beyond earth".

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O. Henry House

O.Henry House has been creating beautiful handcrafted upholstered furniture since 1988. Our furniture is bench-crafted by renowned artisans and reflects our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with the finest and most comfortable upholstered furniture. We offer designers and architects an extensive line of more than 250 pieces. We also customize furniture to meet specific requirements, from alterations made to the standard line to made-to-order items.

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Robert Kime

Robert Kime, uniquely among decorators, has risen to eminence in the profession via antique dealing, textile collecting and an abiding passion for putting rooms together. His three strands of expertise run side by side as he creates decorating schemes for an illustrious, discreet and world-wide clientèle. The current Robert Kime fabric range is acknowledged to be the UK's most inspired, varied and beautiful. Visit the collection, and see how some of the materials have been used in rooms designed by Robert Kime himself.

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Roman Thomas

Roman Thomas, launched in 2000, designs and manufactures its fine furniture collection sold exclusively to the Design trade from the New York City showroom and Los Angeles boutique for residential application.

The extensive range of proprietary furnishings have been specified by design professionals around the globe and installed in private and public residences for a distinguished group of international citizens (their clients) in finance, technology, politics, philanthropy, entertainment and the arts.

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Royal Pedic

The founder of Royal-Pedic, Abe Kaplan learned and mastered high end mattress making during the 1930's to the mid 1940's at the prestigious Heals of London, a 300 year old manufacturer of mattresses of England's Royal Family and other dignitaries. In 1946, Kaplan set out for America in search of a region suited for high-end, exquisite quality, handcrafted mattresses. Shortly after settling in Los Angeles, Kaplan's mattress business began to blossom.

In 1984, Royal-Pedic was purchased by the Kelemen family, who to this day, diligently continue the tradition of high standards of hand crafted quality and use of the finest natural materials in mattress making. In addition, Royal-Pedic has expanded it's offering of mattresses to include natural latex mattresses, pillowtop mattresses, pillowtop pads, and organic cotton mattresses so customers have a variety of comfort levels and preferences to choose from.

Royal-Pedic's on going commitment to its customers assures them of absolutely of the finest mattresses they can own.

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For more than twenty years, SCDS has designed bespoke furniture, lighting, and accessories for private commissions. In making these designs a reality, SCDS has developed relationships with artisans, atelier and craftsmen in all corners of the world to create furniture and lighting from rare woods, semi-precious stones, hand-made ceramics by studio-potters and metalwork bench-made by silversmiths. The collection is modern but rooted in the Arts and Crafts movement.

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Siemon & Salazar

Siemon & Salazar has been designing and producing hand blown glass vessels and lighting fixtures in Southern California since 1999. The studio’s aesthetic reflects the evolved craftsmanship of the Muranese tradition coupled with the balance and restraint of the Scandinavians. Caleb and Carmen draw as much inspiration from the medium as they do from the place where they live and work. “We always start with an idea but remain flexible to allow for the natural qualities of the material,” says Caleb. “The element of the unknown has always attracted me to glass, and to California, for that matter,” says Carmen. “There’s a tangible sense of adventure, as well as beauty, layered within the landscape. We try to embrace that.”

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Sourced from generation’s old hand-blocking houses in Southeast Asia to mills in the countryside of Scotland and Belgium, TEMPLETON is a bold, modern approach to textiles created by the most talented master craftsmen in the world.

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The Lacquer Company

The Lacquer Company specializes in handmade lacquer furniture and accessories, bringing the ancient art of lacquer to contemporary designs in collaboration with renowned interior designers such as Rita Konig, Flair and Steven Gambrel. The Lacquer Company uses lacquer extracted from trees and applied by artisans in Saigon using traditional techniques. The materials used are the same as those that have been used for centuries, so each piece of lacquer produced is truly unique and combines both ancient and contemporary elements. 

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Founded in 1983 by Michael and Lucy Vaughan, Vaughan specializes in the design and manufacturingof high quality decorative lighting, suitable for both traditional and contemporary interiors at the top end of the market. We offer our clients a huge choice of classic, stylish products with timeless beauty. We are considered the leading source of decorative lighting in the world.

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Zachary A. Design

"We produce some of the lightest cement-like furniture on the market. You cannot have the look of cement or stone in your home without the use of heavy machinery, and costly specialized shipping methods, on top of furniture costs. These items can be moved by one to two people and when left alone become sculptural elements worthy of conversation."